High Blood Pressure Medications Interactions

And the rest is history, hence Viagra was born and became a best-selling drug for ten years and counting. Now onto the unexpected side effect. Recently, it was discovered that not only did men experience increased erections from taking Viagra, and an improvement in their impotence symptoms and inability to maintain a full erection, but they also experienced more of a mental stimulation when it came to getting in the mood for love. Viagra, the most popular and most well known impotence and male sexual enhancement drug on the market, followed only by Cialis and then Levitra, may have some unexpected, and albeit welcome, side effects. Researchers are saying that not only does Viagra physiologically produce the effects it is meant to, that is to increase blood flow to the penis to help men get an erection, but it also may produce a more psychological effect as well, putting men “in the mood” mentally for intimacy, affection, and love.

This is the second phase of the relationship where familiarity breeds contempt. This pills have the same components as Cialis and Viagra namely tadafil and Sidenafil Citrate, which help in curing erectile dysfunction. So enhance your love life with Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis. In any case, do not alter your Tadalafil dosage without first consulting a doctor. We all know that when two people get together, the initial phase of the relationship is the honeymoon phase.

This means, when you buy Cialis online you save yourself an embarrassing and time-consuming trip to the doctor and also to the pharmacy. The rest of the participants received Levitra in 5 to 20 mg dosages. The study included 354 patients from 98 primary health care facilities in Germany. In order to rule out psychological factors a portion of the participants received a placebo pill instead of Levitra. This is the most crucial phase because here there are chances of the relationship going sour. You may take your Cialis dosage anytime during the day with or without food.

The drug apparently increases the feelings associated with love and affection by boosting levels of a hormone that is associated with feelings of intimacy and closeness leading to sexual arousal. This hormone is called oxytocin, and you may have heard of it for another reason. All they think is about each other and sex. Once the honey moon phase ends then the couples start noticing things about each other. Small things like not putting the lid on the toothpaste can trigger off a big confrontation. Oxytocin is a hormone which acts as a neurotransmitter to the brain, that occurs in both men and women, and is secreted when one feels “lovey dovey” and in the mood to snuggle with their partner.